Available in your choice of dark, white, or milk chocolate, these one pound boxes are perfect as a gift, or a nice way to say thank you to yourself for choosing the best English Toffee from Brown's.   $17.00

These plaid tins are perfect for the holidays, and also any occasion that calls for the finest quality English toffee. One pound of toffee is nicely packaged within a sealable tin.  $21.00

Available in your choice of dark, white, or milk chocolate, two pounds of toffee is gently sealed in plastic and laid into these 3"x8"x5" boxes.  $33.00

Another holiday favorite, these two pound tin pails are great for family get-togethers and as season's greetings gifts to family and friends. Two quart pail.  $38.00

These white boxes measure 6"x6"x6" and are packed with deliciously soft toffee that melts in your mouth. Three pounds of toffee ensure that there is plenty to go around.   $49.00

Here it is folks. This box is sure to provide quite a few smiles. A bright, candy red box measuring 5"x5"x12" is carefully filled to the brim with five pounds of your choice flavor of delicious soft toffee.   $81.00

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